Fred Shattell


I am a qualified engineer who is seeking a full time position to utilize my skills and grow in the industry. Having studied and worked as a mechanical engineer for several years, my passion for the industry and drive to seek new challenges has increased tremendously. I have an emerging track-record of successful engineer and mechanical experience, which I believe has prepared me to be an excellent candidate for this position. Currently, as an Engineered to Order- Engineer at Emerson Process Management, I am an integral part of several projects. My day to day tasks include the challenges that come with solving customer problems by modifying our standard product offerings for special applications. It is this outside the box thinking that allows me to create new one time product designs on case to case basis for customer specific applications. My other tasks include working with our Quality Assurance team to resolve any issues with our products that happen in production to have them resolved before the final product gets to our customers. Along with this I am involved in our company’s safety team and the training of new hire engineers to the department. Project Engineer at NESTEC Inc., I am an integral part of several multimillion-dollar projects. At my previous position as a Project Engineer at NESTEC Inc., I created and edited drawings on AutoCAD and Inventor. My supervisor gave me several opportunities to travel to job sites and work independently to manage large company projects. While on site, I was in charge of supervising contractors, reading drawings, and inspecting work. Not only do I have the technical and mechanical skills for this job, I am familiar with working in a team environment. I am the Assistant Coach for the Dawson Cyclocross team. As a part of the coaching staff, I am seen as a leader and also the go-to bicycle mechanic for the team. I am able to use my training as a bicycle mechanic to fix, maintain, and build bicycles for the team. I believe my interest in cycling and working on bicycles only enhances and refines my technical skills. I am familiar with the Cummins name as I have previous experience working on trucks that had Cummins engines that will further enhance my offering to the company. I appreciate you taking the time to review my resume. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you. Sincerely, Frederick Shattell