Matt Overstreet


I was born with a genuine thirst to create with my hands, mind and heart. My obsession is to compose work that has a deeper narrative than what meets the eye and my respect for the process of creating is deeply rooted. You could say that I'm more interested in how and why something was formed rather than the end result alone. I made the decision early in life to let my dream of making the world a bit more beautiful than it already is guide my career path. It struck me that I made the right decision when I received several art scholarships from people willing to invest in my future. Even though I may no longer be in school, my craving to learn as much as possible about the realm of art/design has never stopped. Fast forward to today and I find myself a skillful Graphic and Production Specialist with years of experience under my belt. My design background includes: • Print/Digital Design and Production Management • Developing brand identity and awareness • Working with all aspects of marketing campaigns/messaging strategies • Screen, Offset and Large Format Printing • Prepress File Setup/Maintenance • Client consultations and establishing professional/meaningful relationships I'm a tireless, zealous, courageous and resourceful individual. I ensure that anything and everything I do meets the extraordinarily high quality of standards that I expect out of myself. Street Cred: