Fernando Freire


I was on the cover of a skateboarding magazine at the age of 9 and competed as an amateur throughout my youth. Also ended up as an amateur surfer in my young adulthood. Later, I became a professional skydiver, coach and instructor, earning the highest levels and qualifications. But once I entered the sales & marketing field, I found my true calling.

Passionate about all the stages of the customer journey and their touchpoints, Sales & Marketing is my medium to create and deliver outstanding performance, by valued omnichannel experiences, leading to recognition and awards while working for world's leading companies within the industry. The results and satisfaction I achieve are the due to the hard work, dedication, persistence, but most of all, thanks to an immense eager to continuously learn and a deep desire to accomplish goals.

Being a millennial myself, I understand the movements and directions of this generation and based on recent in-depth studies, I clearly get the trends and the consumer behavior of Generation Z, your next generation of costumers & shoppers. As a natural and spontaneous communicator, I have the ability to engage with diverse audiences, organically embodying a leadership role and often recognized as an ambassador and a trend-setter, not a follower. With my experience and motivation, I am able to build compelling stories, inspire coworkers, team up with partners and create winning strategies in order to effectively reach massive audiences.