Katya Welborn


Katya Welborn is a 2013 graduate from Channel Island California State University with a degree BFA emphasizing in graphic design. Katya's professional education started at Sonoma State University in 2010. Attending Sonoma for two years with a major in Art Studio which empasized on Works on Paper Katya gained background knowledge and experience of working hands on with in fine arts mediums ranging from advanced drawing, lithograph/etching, ceramics, and film photography. She continued her education and transfered to CSUCI 2012. Katya has four years of background knowledge and hands on experience of design being a freelance designer. She has the valuable skills and knowledge to creatively produce professional advertising and packaging material. Ranging from logos, posters, cd covers, product packaging and brochures. Proficient with the current design software including photoshop, indesign, illustrator, dreamweaver and flash. Originating from Minsk, Belarus, she was adopted into a loving family, who raised her in the Ojai Valley and where she currently resides in. Katya takes advantage of her natural surroundings for inspiration. She wants to continuously challenge herself through her artistic passion as well as to one day help others achieve to the same.