Brian Cartier


Brian Cartier is a self trained Visual Artist based in Dover, NH, with a background in Sales & Management. Brian spent 13 years in the automotive sales industry as a Salesperson, Exclusive Product Specialist and Internet Sales Manager. Building client relationships, product knowledge and mentoring are among his strongest traits. After having success in the world of Sales, Brian has gone on to pursue Artistic passions. It is his goal to find a position that allows him to utilize his sales and people skills, in an indiustry that speaks to and coincides with his passion for Art & Fashion. As a Visual Artist, Brian has had his Artwork displayed in exhibitions all over New England. He has also been commissioned by clients both domestic and international, to create custom, original works. He is also well versed in producing and managing events. Hoopla, which is a successful charity basketball tournament and festival, has been running for 5 straight years. Brian is also the Owner of STUDiO Collaborative ArtSpace. As the name would suggest, STUDiO is a space that allows Artists to work along side others; learning, sharing and pushing each other to improve and try new things.