Celeste Maska

Celeste Maska

Account Coordinator

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As an experienced and dedicated professional, I have years of experience in both the business office and production environment and am seeking the opportunity to obtain a new position in which, my dedication, excellent customer service and organizational skills, will contribute to the establishments continued success.

As you will see from my resume, I have built my carrier through years of hands-on experience and some college course work. Working my way up from Production Assistant to Account Manager, is an achievement that I am very proud of. Yet regardless of my position, I am used to wearing many hats and I am always willing to assist others. I still find myself loading toner and paper if I find that the printer is running low, assisting visitors at the reception area, to most recently devising a hang drying system over the break room sink, for the computer bag of an Account Executive whose Gatorade spilled inside of his bag. Having the ability to interface well with colleagues at all levels and the many personality types within the office environment allows for a very productive, friendly and healthy work environment and although I am serious about my work, I do have a sense of humor and appreciate a good joke!
Having worked with high profile clientele for the past eight years, I have been very successful in building strong relationships with both clients and suppliers. In addition to being flexible and responsive, my passion for customer service reassures not only clients, but my coworkers that they can count on me to provide reliable and timely project/order information.
In closing, I find that the attributes that I possess are essential to any offices in all industries, and as I seek new employment I am eager to join a team of industry experts, where aside from my positive attitude and ability to work independently or on a team, my job would entail learning new skills, so that I may grow as an individual within the same organization to which I’ve committed my excellence.