Bryce  Russell

Bryce Russell

VP of Headwear

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Why I design: I believe that a piece of art, a photo, a shirt, a hat, a song, a movie , a story can all strike an emotion in us to make us feel in some way different or special. For my whole life I have wanted to be a part of something bigger then myself that would on some level invoke emotion in people of love, passion, happiness, joy, amazement, wonder, lust, gratefulness, pride, strength etc..... Design lets me be a part of that by creating products that will put a smile on peoples faces when they see it, buy it and wear it. When someone sees a poster or buys and wears a product I have designed and it makes them feel some kind of emotion, weather its feeling a since of pride cause a kid worked a summer job to buy he's favorite hat, or when a girl see's a poster of a pro girl surfer and makes her want to keep pursuing her dreams of becoming a pro surfer. Thats why I get out of bed in the morning and live my life full of passion. I wake up and go to sleep everyday thinking about design. I pull inspiration from everything I see during my waking hours. Most things can be taught through a text book or a teacher or youtube, one thing that can not be taught is creativity. You have it or you don't. I have been blessed to have it and will continue to use it to the fullest and share it with as many people as possible so that I may one day inspire someone else to follow their dream.