Hannah Weinberger


I am a journalist interested in the state of our environment and the way we use it. Passion for adventure and our unhealthy relationship with natural resources drives me to create media that not only explores and explains the Human-Nature interface, but also generates new knowledge, raises questions, and requires hands-on investigation and scholarship to produce. Over the past year, this drive manifested in an editorial fellowship with Outside Magazine. Despite lifelong predilection for the humanities, college reintroduced me to the applicability of science in everyday life. After completing a degree in Mandarin Chinese at UNC-Chapel Hill (2009-2013), I pursued my new interest as a writing and research fellowship with the School of Journalism’s Powering a Nation program, an award-winning Carnegie-Knight media lab focused on American natural resource use. I led the team’s writing and research groups; created an interactive about sustainable water systems; and helped conceptualize a multimedia exploration of Colorado River water appropriation. I then examined science more deeply at WVIZ/WCPN ideastream as an intern with QUEST Science—a national NSF-funded media project exploring the science of sustainability. After honing my writing skills and teaching myself technologies required for other forms of media—audio, video, and photography—I came to the attention of Outside Magazine's editors, who asked me to apply for my assistantship. Though invested in environmental and backcountry issues, I've covered topics inclusive of archaeology, automotive technology, human rights, and more for news outlets like CNN, and am proficient in writing//editing//copy editing//social media//photography and a host of skills gathered before discovering journalism at the tail-end of my junior year. Ask me for more information about my work—and about that time I performed American rock music at a university in China—via email.