Eric Greif


Sundyne: Industrial Engineer – Arvada, CO Sep 2012 – Present • Overseeing factory transformation projects to meet goal of improving production capacity by 10% year over year. This includes researching new equipment purchases, designing new work centers, managing installation of new equipment and ensuring that efficiency goals are met within new work centers. • Created and maintained facility-wide drawings including machinery, utility requirements/locations and future-state milestones. Proposed $250,000+ in approved expenditures to support future growth. • Worked multiple shop floor jobs on a rotation program to learn manufacturing procedures including building and test of pumps/compressors, unit X-Ray, managing outside operations. DHL: Industrial Engineer – Denver, CO Jan 2011 - May 2012 • Travel to DHL stations across the Southwest to preform operations reviews and demonstrate areas to reduce costs and improve delivery performance. • Examined stop types among routes to create improved standards for Courier pickup and delivery times. • Created a database compiling delivery and pick-up time standards for stations across the country. Boeing: Industrial Engineering Intern – El Segundo, CA Summer 2008 • Developed a tool to assist with LEED certification in new construction and existing buildings. • Compiled cost estimates from completed projects to be used as reference for future estimations. • Evaluated plans to convert unused warehouse space to office space and allow the company to move out of expensive leased buildings.