Jodi Salomon-Brown


I am searching for a position which highlights my strengths and offers an opportunity to grow and gain new skills. Transitioning back into a position that utilizes my education background, as well as my event industry background, is the direction I am moving towards. The company should appreciate my work ethic, understand my “out of the box mentality,” appreciate my belief in giving back to the community, offers a challenging workplace, offers a clear road for success, instills passion for customers, and offers a steady and exciting career path which lends itself to a burgeoning career. Professional Skills I have the ability to prospect new sales opportunities while working hand in hand with established clients and accounts. I offer a proven track record in relationship building, prospecting, qualifying potential decision makers, guerilla marketing, and then ultimately closing sales. My strong customer service skills coupled with effective interpersonal and communication skills gives me a workplace edge. I can innovate ways to motivate others, I continually meet and exceed goals through the execution of sales plans, possess a skillful attention to detail, have an innate ability to get the job done and maintain a fervent belief in a can-do attitude. These qualities bring success to any organization. Being a team player, keeping a positive attitude and unwavering loyalty sets me apart.