Jeffrey Bangerter

Jeffrey Bangerter

Client Service Associate and Photographer
Currently: Photographer / Retoucher / Social Media Management at Burbang Photography
Location: San Juan Capistrano CA
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My name is Jeff Bangerter and I am currently seeking a new position that will be a better fit. I would love to find a position where I am able to do something that I truly excel at and I believe this could be the one.

I am an individual who thrives when asked to be creative. I have experience and education in marketing and social media management. I have been using the Adobe Creative Suite for over 10 years, primarily Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I have experience in batch photo processing in Lightroom and use this on a daily basis for my own photography. I am an avid photographer and would gladly offer my services and skills in this regard for use of marketing or any other potential uses.

I am an experienced analytical and organized professional with a high proficiency in Excel and Microsoft Office Suite. I am a detail-oriented and efficient problem solver with experience in sales and supervision. I am comfortable working with technical equipment and have experience in computer/mobile technical support. I have excellent communication and customer support skills.

I am specifically excited about this role because I believe it truly checks the boxes for the type of career I want. I also believe that I fit the description, would be a valuable asset to your company, and could grow into a key member on your team.

Please feel free to review my resume, but please also call me to set up an interview. The resume only tells part of my story and I believe the best way to really know me, is to meet me.


Jeffrey Bangerter
28026 Paseo Alba
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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Co-Founder, Group Y  
Global Mktg/Social Media/PR/Brand Building  
Sponsorship/Event Manager  
Video Producer  
Founder & CEO at Rad Season