Michael Skauge


I am a forward thinking solutions seeker and fixer. I thrive in operational management, product, systems optimization, and process efficiency. As the NYC Retail Manager for Filson, I've been tasked with developing and successfully executing a new store in a new market for the brand. The importance of diligence, attention to detail and ultimately sales is a focus as we embark on the recent retail expansion for Filson. As a Retail Operations Manager at Fjallraven, I re-structured and established new-market standards for the retail expansion in North America with a total of 6 store openings to my name. I've worn many hats in my career -- manager, operations specialist, strategist, carpenter, IT administrator, licensor, musician, writer, and hiker. These experiences provide me a unique ability to manage varied projects that require out-of-the-box thinking and allow me to navigate complex challenges with a competent and informed viewpoint. While I enjoy the retail segment, music and the outdoors are my compass, allowing me to look inward and remain focused in stressful situations, assets in any competitive and fast growing industry. My skill set centers on providing companies insight, perspective, and cost-saving ideas to further business dealings in many arenas. I invent, implement, and follow through with systems optimization, while remaining extremely communicative across departments, allowing for smooth rollouts of multiple projects under budget and on schedule. I enjoy meeting new professional contacts. Reach out if you share the same passions I do; retail operations, the outdoors, and/or music-maybe even all three. Specialties: Operations management, systems optimization, project management, problem solving, customer relations/service, sales, retail, music, outdoors