Shea Blair


Originally from the Oklahoma area, I graduated in 2010 from the University of Oklahoma with a Journalism Degree and a public relations major. My husband and I just recently moved to the SoCal area from Coastal North Carolina. Due to my educational background in public relations, marketing, and light dabbling in graphic design, I have had the advantage of knowing how increase an organization's visibility to expand their reach. During my 2 plus years at the USO of North Carolina, I have gained experience working with the marketing and development teams to implement promotional strategies, while working to research current trends in the industry and behaviors of target audiences and how to use or change those to expand the organization's mission. I have experience with editing and compiling content for the Web site using Word Press, writing content and designing the layout for online newsletters, monthly highlights, articles and stories for the Web site as well as social media outlets. I have gained invaluable experience designing promotional materials, and working with media outlets to push those promotional materials while also creating press releases and alerts. I have had the pleasure of working with and building relationships with businesses, community leaders and volunteers to increase our success. I have had the opportunity to help with planning successful events as well as being the administrative support for other needs of the organization. Attached for your view is my resume with more information on my skills and experience.