Mike Glidden


I am a graduate from San Diego State University. I began as a Communications Advertising major, switched to Business Marketing for two years and finally graduated with a degree in Public Administration; emphasis in City Planning. I have spent a student's lifetime working for San Diego County as both an intern for County Board Supervisor Ron Roberts and a student worker processing building permits with members of the public. After this, I took a 3 month trip and traveled through 14 countries on the European continent. As I met hundreds of incredible individuals, my career goals became more clear and I decided to divert from my current path and revert to my roots. I have, from a young age, been interested in creative writing. I won first place in southern California's "Why Mom Deserves a Diamond" poetry contest as a junior at Capistrano Valley High School and have always had an affinity for the power of language. For the last couple years I have reinvented myself and here you will find both the pudding and the proof! I joined Ad2OC and therefore AAF and began working as a Marketing and Advertising Assistant for Spice Merchants of Laguna Beach as a way to test my metal as both a creative and professional writer. I used my transferrable skills to incrementally gain experience running social media facets, creating advertisements, field producing television spots for the shop and have since fallen for the field. I worked as a Marketing and Business Developer for Club Laguna Apartments as well as a copywriter for The Sparkhouse and Devise Interactive before moving to Eger, Hungary. There, I was the Lead Copywriter and Creative Assistant for a Hungarian advertising agency called One Online. I have recently returned to California with a further expanded cultural horizon and look forward to continuing work as a copywriter and editor to bring palpable poetry to the masses.