Alixandra Richey


Executive Assistant - Silber Studios Inc. (Los Angeles, CA June 2014 – February 2015) Assist in video/photo editing, creating copy for the studio’s blog, implemented and managed an image database system to organize digital content, web design, art consulting, researched and planned marketing campaigns, developed pricing strategies, designed fresh ideas for advertisement through social media. Production Assistant/Crewmember - Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Savannah, GA June-July 2013) Provide assistance to camera/crew members in need, ran shoot schedules and scripts, directing traffic in high volume area, escort actors to and from set. Production Assistant/Crew member – CBGB Movie (Savananh, GA July-August 2013) Distribute shoot schedules and scripts, provide administrative assistance to production coordinator, set dressing, running errands while meeting strict production deadlines. Ad Campaign Assistant – Coca-Cola® (Savannah, GA 2013) Collaborated with CocaCola® for their retail advertising campaign, directed and executed castings and photo shoots as a group. Savannah, GA 2014 DP, Producer - SCAD Student Film (Savannah, GA 2012) Handled shoot logistics, photographic documentation of shoot, implemented best cameras, lenses, and filters for each scene shot Photographer’s Assistant & Freelance - South Magazine (Savannah, GA July-October 2012) Creating freelance photo work for magazine, assist in photo editing, creating image database, quickly set up and broke down photo shoots in various locations, managed database and files, everything on a strict time schedule. Provide administrative assistance by creating relationships with prospective clients, creating content for social media. Freelance Photographer/Videographer- AGR photographs (self promoting) September 2011-present Working closely with various independent clients to create polished photographs taken myself and/or freelance retouching/editing for buyer. Art consulting, business managment, advertising my own brand in diverse ways through social media.