Sai Naram


Sai Naram has more than 2 years of hardware engineering experience through University of Waterloo's prestigious co-op program. Sai has experience with schematic design, bring-up and validation of PCB level circuits. He has had excellent performance with previous internships and works hard to achieve success. He is comfortable doing lab bench work using multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers and power supplies. His passions are to create or help create hardware that has a positive impact on consumers and their day-to-day life. He is interested to work on multiple design areas (not just hardware) and work with multidisciplinary teams to make the final product very exciting and user-friendly. Skills: Advanced Design System (ADS) | Eagle PCB, Cadence Schematic Capture NI Labview and TestStand | MATLAB Simulink Embedded C (Arduino Uno projects) | Python coding ( | Java (Leap Motion HW)