Walter Washington


Comprehensive system architecture / leadership experience coupled with hands-on detail circuit / firmware (HDL coding) implementation experience involving but not limited to the following technologies: - NEBS compliant telecom communication systems: (HDSLx, SDSL, ADSL, OC-192, OC-48, DS3, E3, T1, E1) - Aerospace / Defense communication systems: (including Type-1 COMSEC/TRANSEC) - Image processing within medical device systems: (MPEGx, H.261, PCIe Gen-1/Gen-2, Ethernet, IEEE-1588 PTP, IP, ATM) - Aerospace / Defense EW & RADAR systems: (RF / Analog / DSP of LINK-16, UHF SATCOM, MUOS waveforms) - Commercial avionic systems (DO-254 @ FAA Level-A / Level-B, PHAC, DO-178) - Aerospace / Defense image & signal processing systems (DDS, DAC/ADCs, uP Redundancy, uC Fault Monitoring) Intimate programmable logic experience (FPGAs / CPLDs) and conversant with VHDL and other HDL languages. Knowledgeable of signal integrity issues involved with PCBs from 6 to 28+ layers having signals with Tr or Tf = 1500ps. Hands-on engineer with direct involvement in the hardware / system development process from both a team and individual contributor perspective.