Kimberly Beck

Kimberly Beck

Marketing Manager
Currently: Marketing Manager at Camelot Party Rentals
Location: Aliso Viejo CA
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Growing up my parents would always say “don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Well, I never want to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but I sure do love to hear the reasons why people picked the shoes they did to walk a mile in.

My passion for the fitness and the outdoor industry has me turning to strangers in the airport asking how they like their running shoes, or stopping for a water break on a switchback incline up the mountain to ask someone about their backpack. Finding ways to help brands and companies connect with their consumers is what I find to be a rewarding work day.

I’m an eager young professional looking to break into the industry that keeps me up at night reading about new products and features. My professional experience and values boil down to the following:
- I believe outstanding customer service is the key building block to any successful company
- I believe in working hard for the things you are passionate about
- I believe that working as a team will get you a lot further
- I believe that there is no wrong answer, but instead, building blocks to the correct one

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  • Hiking Outdoors Backpacking Kayaking Snowboarding Snowshoeing Camping Baseball Fitness/Gym Yoga Traveling Wake-surfing Swimming SUP Sporting Events Music Festivals
  • no sports
  • American Marketing Association Young Professional Network Public Relations Society of America

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Marketing | Branding | Analytics  
Business Development - Surf, Skate & Snow  


2XU North America LLC
Emerald Expositions - Outdoor Retailer