Alexis Stroman


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Highly organized & detail-focused Apparel Design Operations Cordinator and Customer Service Manager Skilled in the following aspects of the apparel industry: * Customer Service: International, Domestic, Majors & EDI * Sales * Shipping Guides * Bookkeeping-Factors * Production & Design Excellent computer skills * Microsoft Word * Microsoft Excel * QuickBooks * AIMS * Pacific Apparel Systems * Joor * FashionGo * Apparel Magic * Adobe photo shop & Illustrator. Able to learn proprietary systems / applications quickly and effectively. Specialties: Bookkeeping, Aims, Pacific Apparel Systems, Style, Apparel Magic, Customer Service, Design, Production, EDI, Management, Marketing, Microsoft office, Research, Sales, Spreadsheets, Shipping, Distribution, Trade shows, Traveling, Tri-lingual Accounts such as: Saks, Neiman, Anthropologie, Nordstroms, Harvey Nichols, Bop LLC, PacSun, Asos,Topshop, Planet blue, Revolve, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Macy's, Bloomindales, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Aishti, Eyegasm,Sece Apparel, Wilshire Fashions, South moon under, Whotels, Wynn, Hot topic, Ross...etc.