Lorena Lopez


Hello and thank you for viewing my profile. I am a motivated professional seeking a position in a fun and hard working environment. I have 8+ years of experience in digital marketing and writing for companies all across the country and internationally as well. Over the course of my career I have helped nearly 20 companies establish and grow their presence online. The skills I use for these companies range from managing all digital content for various social media platforms,using social media programs for scheduling on social media channels, creating and organizing editorial calendars, writing and editing copy for web and social content, and being the team lead in directing marketing campaigns. I don't just meet deadlines, I crush them. I am extremely disciplined and organized and work well handling multiple projects at once. I live and breathe to tell a brand's story online. I believe social media has given us the ability to reach further to make a difference in this world which makes me extremely proud to be working in this field.