Ry Montez


Visual Artist based in Oahu, Hawaii. Creative interests in action sports apparel, accessories, Lifestyle Photography / Videography
BFA Graphic Design + Photography.
Pursuing a full-time or Part time job in any available position that would allow me to creatively evolve and challenge me along the ride!
Specifically interested in working in Graphic Design ( Apparel Design, Illustration, Textile, or product design. ) + Content creation (Digital Photo - Film Photo -lifestyle photo/video- Video-Drone)

Work Ethic / Drive
Highly organized and motivated individual with extensive athletic
experience and the will to lead. Excelling in creative thinking and
problem solving. Constantly able to perform in high stress
situations, whether in a team setting or self directed. Energetic
open minded individual who is constantly inspired by everything
life throws my way.. I believe in
team work, developing company culture, and creating a positive work
environment while creative raw and organic steps to grown and push the boundaries of the brand!