Kenneth Packer


Realtor - Century 21 Award March 2015 KNGP, Inc. – '06 to `15 Aztec Shops – '06 to '15 ABC’s for Professionals – '94 -'06 ¹ Harcourt Brace – '81 to '94 USD Bookstore – '81 University Book Store, UW, Seattle – '80 California Book Co – '76-'79 Even before I was self-employed and owner of my own business ¹ I was a self-starter with a strong drive for results. Now I have 40 years of supervisory and management experience, including 5 years in multi-store management, almost all of which I gained in the college store industry. In college I studied the sciences; Chemistry, Math, and Biology, achieving a Bachelors from UCSD in Biology with an emphasis in Human Physiology. The curriculum trained me to be analytical and detail oriented and a creative problem solver. Combined with the extensive management experience my greatest strengths are planning and logistics. During the course of my career I have written at least four business plans including an SBA Loan application and I am a published author. The bulk of my college store industry buying experience was gained in book departments; textbooks, technical books, Professional Books (including Law, Allied Health, and the Building Trades), and general books including literature and fiction, Children’s, Bargain, and Study Guides. Nonetheless my buying experience also encompasses softgoods, mostly t-shirts and backpacks, office and stationery supplies, and for the past three and one-half years, computers and electronics. I love to read – the bargain book business therefore a favorite – and economics, history and fiction, especially Latin American authors make reading my favorite leisure activity. I also enjoy working with my hands; building a fence or gate in the yard, fixing up the house with fresh paint, new doors, baseboards and wood trim, and especially yard work, an obsession I learned from my Dad. But my greatest passion of all is travel.