Christoph thomas Clayton


COACH- A diverse group of employees with different backgrounds and experience. Produce results through gaining the trust of a team and providing answers to complex questions. Always setting my team up for success and finding waits to tailor my communication to my team. Develop complex programs to get the most out of all my employees.

DRIVE- Results by always working with my team to accomplish a goal. Never backing down to any challenge and always coming through on commitments . Drive my own energy though my employees and always setting the standard as a leader. Always bringing my team together to bring different experiences and viewpoints to the team.

INSPIRE- My team to always give their all and never give up. No matter how hard the task might be. Look for ways to motivate a team and present complex issues in a more simply put manner. Find ways to get the most out of employees and always create leaders.

LEAD- By example and always set the standard for the team. Help find answers to complex questions and present solutions accordingly. Bring team together and gain insight that I may over look.