Samone Carroll


I am an established Manager who consistently builds and executes operational standards to produce significant profits, in a Fortune 500 Billion dollar sales environment. I am recognized best for my expertise in establishing efficient operations, increasing revenues, and enhancing staff performance, service and quality. I am known as a caring, passionate, and greatly respected manager whose style has allowed employees to grow and flourish. Collegial by nature, I embrace new ideas, champion innovation, and am a solid consensus-builder. I currently carry 20+ years of seasoned Managerial/Leadership skills with organizations all structured to provide superior quality, service, and value. I am adept at strategic and tactical planning and thrive on quickly producing outstanding and quantifiable results. My ability to execute is strongly based upon my analytical and problem solving skills, that are engaged by loyal teams that produce results in our profit driven arena. I work in compliment with organizations that offer strategic alliances and relationships with employees, customers, consumers, share and stakeholders, that result in enhanced competitive advantages, fostering a team work environment with broad organizational and growth opportunities. I have an outstanding track record of consistently meeting growth and profit objectives, utilizing my seasoned skills sets at implementing successful business planning and development; refining best practices; LEAN management strategies; cost control; performance optimization; streamlining processes; team building; and progressive production management.