Bradford Noble, MS, APCC. (He/Him)


About Me

I am an APCC with an MS in Counseling through the Community Based Block Program (CBB) at San Diego State University. My training is in Multicultural Counseling, with an emphasis in Social Justice Education. The identities I hold are cisgender, white, male (he/him pronouns), and happily married for the past 10 years.

My positionality and the inherent privileges I hold influence my values, my cultural viewpoint, and how I understand and interact in the world. I believe it is important to examine positionality not only in my own life, but in the lives of my clients, in order to question the effects these identities have on the world around us, and the connections we create with each other.

Thanks to the 2 years I worked at The Center For Community Counseling and Engagement in City Heights, where I logged over 420 clinical hours seeing clients from diverse cultural backgrounds for individual counseling services, I have what it takes to be a multicultural counselor, engaging in the lifelong work towards cultural competency.

Today, I work with clients from all ethnicities and social backgrounds starting with a trauma-informed lens and a foundation of person-centered connection. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (changing thoughts, feelings, behaviors), with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy techniques (present-focused, strengths-based, goal-oriented), I help clients self-generate healthy perspectives with which to re-frame the narratives they are living in.

I strive to create an egalitarian relationship with all clients in order to maintain mutual open dialogue so that the therapist is not the expert in the room, but rather an equal partner in the therapeutic process.

I am currently seeking a full or part-time position as an APCC, either in-person or via Telehealth and welcome all opportunities for professional and social discourse.