Corey Harlan


During the past two years of my experience, I have created a professional test presentation and cataloging system along with a procedure/document control process for part approval regarding mass production. Additionally, I have led through two contracts containing eight action sports camera mount products from concept design to finished assemblies. These products included parts made from the following processes/materials: • Plastic injection mold o A variety of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers • Rubber compression mold o EPDM • Custom machined metal o Various steel and aluminum grades • Die-cast metal o Aluminum For the most recent contract, I was sent to the Jiangsu province in China multiple times to discuss product approval with management personnel of the customer company and address manufacturing considerations. Following these visits and before my departure, six of the mentioned products were in the process of entering or had already entered mass production. Through much of my experience, I was expected to take actions where I did not necessarily have exposure. This lack of familiarity was mitigated by learning in an adaptive manner from all sources at my disposal, calculating cost/benefit of all decisions to the best of my abilities, and proceeding accordingly. If you would like to discuss anything regarding the content above, your company, or the position available I would be interested in hearing from you. I can be contacted through the information on my resume.