Caitlin Judge


CAITLIN JUDGE Agility offers its customers ready access to Freight Forwarding products, logistics capabilities, and specialty services. With over 500 offices and 22,000 employees worldwide spanning 100 countries, Agility has a strong and growing presence in emerging markets. I work in the fast-paced department of Operations for the Global Sales Performance team. I am able to embrace a dynamic, ever-changing work environment with major shifts in strategy while consistently delivering quality results. My responsibilities include: - Develop and implement new processes & procedures to improve the effectiveness of global sales teams - Identify opportunities & weaknesses within existing processes & tools; make proposals to create value & increase operational efficiency - Communicate regularly with regional support teams to inform them of new processes & system enhancements, develop best practices, & lead open discussion forums - Assist with the design of sales performance information systems; build interactive and integrated CRM solutions & other sales support systems - Identify Sales training requirements by working closely with Sales, Marketing and Product teams; deliver training & evaluate training effectiveness - Remain knowledgeable of key processes, business initiatives & internal resources in order to assist the sales organization in accomplishing company goals - Serve as the main point of contact for supporting sales processes, tools & training The entrepreneurial spirit of Agility facilitates a creative, flexible environment where innovation and best practice sharing is encouraged. Agility’s core values of Integrity, Personal Ownership, Teamwork, and Excellence are aligned with my own personal standards which makes working for Agility very gratifying. SPECIALTIES: CRM, Sales Training, Sales Performance, Data Compliance, Sales Cycle, Sales Playbook, Pipeline Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sales & Data Analytics, Network Collaboration