Stephanie Williams


As a little kid, my favorite activities were dressing fashion dolls, designing cards and homemade books, and creating potions and elixirs. Fast forward to adulthood, and I’m passionate about fashion, creative design, beauty, skincare, and organic/holistic products. Designer boutiques, wellness centers, art museums, galleries – I’m equally at home in any of these. I draw my inspiration from harnessing aesthetics to evoke emotional responses. And I’m energized when I can apply it all in businesses that specialize in delighting their customers. Tenacious and creative, with expertise in luxury retail brands, I thrive at the intersection of design, technology, and business development. My commitment to lifelong learning and professional development led me to recently complete additional training in fashion retailing – a comprehensive program that emphasized creativity and sustainable, scalable business practices. Contemporary, organic design style influenced by extensive domestic and international travel, as well as living abroad and experiencing other cultures