Renee Tan-van Maaren


Broadcast planning has been my core occupation in the last 5 years (3 years at Mindshare, 2 years at Starcom). At Starcom I’ve worked in smaller client teams, which has given me the opportunity to get a better understanding of the full business planning process across different media types, from analyzing the market to executing campaigns and evaluating them. The most challenging and exciting part of this process for me was the strategic aspect, where we could sit down with the team and come up with the most impactful and creative ways to convey a certain message. My current ambition would therefore be to get more involved in a broader marketing function, so I can play a bigger role in this part of the process. My experience in working in client teams for different types of brands such as Samsung, Ford, Red Bull & Nintendo has given me a good indication of the opportunities here and it has excited me to learn more.