Zachary J Jones


I have been in the corporate arena since 1997 with a strong focus on brand building and market expansion. During my career I have been fortunate to work for a number of great companies and mentors who always stressed relationships and honesty are the cornerstones to grow a brand not how many widgets you generate. I have a passion for team development, the growth of team members to achieve their professional goals, and the success for the company I work for. I believe this is achieved through coaching and a commitment to the proper Behaviors & Activities on a daily basis. I believe I am specialized in brand building, market expansion, and team building for a company. My experience is based on the development of the Greater Seattle & Oregon markets for two organizations; these organizations were built through both Merger & Acquisitions and FDIC Loss Share Agreements. This experience makes me a uniquely qualified team member for any organization looking to expand and build a brand in a market.