Aleli Camama Dorsi


I'm looking for new opportunities in Account Management or Customer Service Management.
A results-driven strategist commanding years of fast-track success of building relationships, teamwork, management and sales in a technical, manufacturing and communications industry. A “think out of the box” leader excelling in strategic understanding of relationships and “get the job done work attitude” required in high energy work environments. Positive person with a proven record of creating new and adding trust to existing network of partners and customers. Dynamic and hands-on coaching approach also known for directing individuals, “fix-it” work ethic and interaction with teams to realize objectives. Demonstrated solid leadership, sales achievement, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Key Competencies Include:
? Team Player “what needs to get done” ?“Farming” creating new relationships
? Customer Care and Follow Through ? Technical Ability to “pick-up”
? External & Internal Negotiator ? Growing and Earning Customer Trust