Andrew Salama


I take pride in my lighting abilities and my photographic versatility - From Documentary, Fashion, Conceptual, and Portraiture - I enjoy shooting and creating within all genres and am confident in any position and task I am given. In school I shot videos on the side for a series on Funny or Die called "Bus Stop Shorts" Since graduation, I have been featured in two Film Photography Exhibitions called "Film Is not Dead" organized by Bloody Gums Collective and CBNC. Also have been featured in an All film shooters art magazine called FindRangers magazine. Won 3rd Prize in Life Framers "Nightlife" competition and 4th place runner up in Life Framers "Open Call" competition. Lately I have been teaching myself how to use 3d software (Cinema 4d and am currently experimenting with moving artistic .gif videos. I seek to grow within two areas at once, fine art galleries with my 3D renders / .gif visualizations, and commercially with Fashion and Editorial photography. I have always been told to pick one field, but that would get boring. I am confident in anything I put my mind to and take pride in my ability to learn quickly and assimilate myself into any given situation/assignment.