Kay Kwok


Problem solver. Value creator. Spreadsheet dominator. Social Media surfer. Visionary leader. Collaborator extraordinaire. Lifetime learner. Goal achiever. I am an innovative marketing professional offering expertise in brand management, business strategy and consumer and market behaviors in fast paced environments. Following my passions has led me to new industries throughout my career. All have one thing in common: acquired expertise through a dedication to learning, an enthusiasm for relationship building, and a commitment to adding value to the marketplace. As the Platform Growth Leader for General Electric's Distributed Power business, my role is a cornucopia of responsibilities including brand ambassador, digital marketing manager, business development collaborator and market insights leader. With a BS degree in electrical engineering, it has been an integral part of my career development to balance problem solving and execution with innovation and imagination. I am agile. I am poised. I can bring creative freshness to any product portfolio. If you are looking to find someone that won’t just ask for what customers want, but help them define what they want vs. need and can create the right story, I hope we cross paths in the near future.