Sanford Mattson


• More than 22 years of experience in documentary storytelling, studio and on-location portraiture, sports and politics photography, coverage of both general and breaking news, story sourcing, picture editing • Five years of experience in video collaboration, storyboarding, production, editing, motion graphic creation, graphic design • Working, professional fluency with Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Audacity and Photo Mechanic • Nearly four years as Amherst College's New Media Content Developer and College Photographer; Expanded the publicly visible still photography catalogue size by 392%; Produced dozens of videos, which led to a 238% increase in viewership and 50% rise in viewer duration; Produced 98% of the 1,102 images posted to the college Instagram account, one of the first in higher education, all of which were produced with an iPhone, and attracted more than 4,000 followers - based on the matrix that compares potential social media audience with actual audience, this account is now the most successful in global academia; Actively worked with and mentored Amherst College students in a diversity of personal and career-focused areas; Concepted, created and produced the campaign strategy and content for "Ask Big Questions," a Provost-led initiative that encouraged students to open their minds and eyes to diversity and difference, and embrace the concepts through active collaboration • Former staff photographer with the New York Times Co. and Sun-Times Media Group • Earned recognition as IPPA's Clip Photographer of the Year (with only 9 months of work) • International project experience • Two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, for work in Feature Photography ("State of Citrus") and Breaking News Photography (team coverage of Hurricane Charley) - Nominations aren't necessarily a huge deal, but these two are for me • One of only 100 participants, selected annually from around the world, to attend the Eddie Adams Workshop (Barnstorm XIV - Orange Team)