Sara Norris


As a graduate of Colby-Sawyer College, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. After graduation, I combined my educational skills in my positions as a Marketing Assistant and a Catering Sales Manager. After 5 years of crafting my skills in project management, customer service and fostering relationships, I am eager to join an innovative and adventurous team. With a combination of marketing, event planning and sales, I have a thorough understanding of deadlines, project management and discretion. As a team member, I am comfortable speaking with multiple clients, vendors and fellow colleagues throughout any given workday. My previous experiences encompassed those features and provided me with the ability to adapt to new environments and clientele.Some of my key qualifications include:· A combination in understanding teamwork, resourcefulness and leadership that promotes efficiency and creativity.· Adept in working as a leader where training, motivating, and interpersonal communication is required.· Comfortable while working under pressure in a fast paced work environment with the ability to present effective results.· Ability to enter new environments with the capability to adapt to new cultures based on my personable skills and optimistic personality. I am eager to join a challenging and innovative team in the outdoor industry.