Kristen Hastings


Artist Statement: 4th generation Angeleno. Manhattan Beach, CA born and raised by way of the 1970's. I am obsessed with light. color theory, soul music and old-fashioned goodness. Gypsy wanderer. Lived many, many places. What affected me most were the people I met along the way; their stories and the manner in which they physically and mentally move in their space. It inspires my work. It taught me the power of perception and how the erosion of archaic thinking starts with the story of another; thus awakening the humanity within. This is why I shoot photography and docfilms. I find soulful beauty in what we see everyday; no matter the terrain, no matter how strange. I hope to help my audience turn upside-down the manner in which they use words like "genius, crazy, abnormal, weird, smart and scary." The eradication of fear is my mission. I always choose to think outisde of the box and break from the "norm." I find relief there.