Dominique Klimek


First & foremost I am a networker. I am a 24/7 brand ambassador and constantly forming new connections, fostering my relationships, connecting dots and making introductions for the people in my web of contacts. My educational background is in advertising and the foundation of my career has been built on guerrilla and field marketing. Today, anything in the world is easily accessible online - except for tangible human relationships and real life experiences. For this reason, now more than ever, creating meaningful moments and fostering human connection is more important in building a brand's perception and community.

2020 was a year of adjustment, learning and growth. While my role as Field Marketing Manager didn’t look quite the same as it had before March, the swift shift in focus created an opportunity for me to learn and develop new sets of skills. When events were put on hold my attention moved to partnership opportunities. This allowed me to hone-in on and fine tune my networking skills while learning the ins and outs of interpreting consumer profiles and doing the research to find brands, businesses and individuals that made sense for our products and brands based on the given strategy.

Anyone who knows me would agree that I am a high-energy, on-the-go and driven individual. I thrive when my schedule is full and when I make space for physical activity. I’m a surfer, snowboarder, yogi, mountain-biker, marathoner and fresh-air seeker. Outside of my career I am always immersing myself in new experiences and opportunities for growth and development. Though my career is currently centered in Field Marketing, it’s important to me to be well versed in the ever-changing digital landscape so I took Google’s “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course'' certification course. As a creative outlet I love to dabble in writing and recently had my third article published in SurfGirl Magazine. This past August I moved to Oakhurst, NJ and while searching for ways to give back and get involved in the community I connected with Girls On The Run and was then asked to be a member of the Young Professionals Advisory Committee for Girls On The Run of Central NJ.

I could go on and on...but as I mentioned, I’m a networker so naturally I enjoy two-way conversations. Let’s get on the phone or grab a coffee so I can get to know more about the role and you can learn more about me.