Mark Felix


The sun was just rising over the hills of Brasov, Romania, and we had snuck out of our hotel to explore the city. I was 16 and this was my first time in a foreign country. Jared, the videographer for our humanitarian group, took me with him on an early morning shoot, gave me his camera and told me to shoot anything that even looked halfway interesting. He gave me an old, original silver Canon Rebel, and I proceeded to shoot anything and everything in front of me. It was as if Pandora’s box was just opened and something just seemed to click inside me. It was that morning of shooting cobbled Romanian streets and old Gothic churches that I decided to never go anywhere again without a camera in my hand. My heart's still in Romania, but I now call Bloomington, Indiana my home. I've worked for the Orange County Register, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Lafayette Journal & Courier, Indiana University Athletics, The Earth House Collective, Purdue University, and assisted on a Sports Illustrated cover shoot among other various publications in the past.