Brittany Tran


Brittany Tran is an established marketing and creative professional with eight years of experience in executing marketing strategies for various businesses and organizations. She has spent her time as a television commercial producer with proficiency in broadcasting, production, and post-production. Brittany was a part of the production team developing Myanmar's very first Coca Cola commercial. She also produced the very first live broadcast game show in Vietnam. In addition, she worked with many brands and organizations such as P&G (Tide detergent), Vietnam Airlines, and The Rockefeller Foundation, just to name a few. Brittany's work is rooted in her extreme passion about entrepreneurship and that passion is exemplified through her love for working alongside start-ups, mainly in the natural/wellness industry sector. Brittany's secret for inspiration has come from her years of living abroad as well as satiating her wanderlust by traveling to all parts of the globe. Growing up in Houston, TX and spending a majority of time in Los Angeles, CA, she has used these strong roots to ignite her eagerness to explore the world, having lived in Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia. Moreover, she has traveled to Malaysia, Thailand, China, and South Korea.