Brittany Weinstein


I have been working in film production for a few years now, mostly as a Script Supervisor as my production resume describes, but more recently, I have been employed as the Production Coordinator for the Hollywood Motion Picture Experience in Creston, CA. As the Production Coordinator, it has been my duty to work closely with the Production Manager to gear up for our upcoming shoot. I have had the opportunity to work on many above-the-line tasks that many crew members don’t normally get to work on, such as helping with getting financial documents together, doctoring any scripts, vetting crew members, etc. My more long-term position as a Script Supervisor has taught me the value of detail. As a Script Supervisor, it is my job to ensure the integrity of the film. I watch and assist the director in assuring that all continuity (whether it be action or dialogue) is accurate and matches from shot to shot. Also, aside from timing every shot and making sure the actors say their lines correctly in every take, it is my job to send detailed reports to the production team every day and then those get sent to the editors to put the film together. I have been trained by Dawn Gilliam (JJ Abram’s Script Supervisor), which has provided me with valuable skills that have made me a great Script Supervisor.