Einar Ollua


2012 In May I directed, filmed and edited a commercial for MOTOROLA´s RAZOR cellular phone. The commercial was given a BRONZE Medal for Promo & Activation, in the Cannes Lions International Festival 2012. 2011 In July I became responsible for the visual marketing campaign of Patagonia in Argentina. My job is to make sure, every action which takes place in Argentina is transformed into a visual campaign, so that it can be used as viral videos all over the world. 2009 This was my first year as a freelance director. I dedicated my career to documentaries. 2008 In February of this year, I was hired by Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas S.A. This is one of the three big Argentine production companies, it basically does a huge amount of work for television; not only in Argentina, but for other companies from around the world (Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, TNT and History Channel). 2007 Chief of Post-Production for Mundo Zero Productora. I had to direct seven editors and several television shows (Gravedad Zero, Paradise, ESPN Corre and Especial de Surf A.L.A.S. the Latin American Surf Circuit); and the post-production of Reef’s newest videos (Hermanos I and II) . 2004 I was Mundo Zero Productora´s in-house director, travelling around the world for six years (this meant I filmed everything Mundo Zero Productora was working on: Gravedad Zero, Gravedad Zero Chile, Paradise, Ballantine’s Winter and Summer Games, ESPN Corre and Rock Road). 2003 Senior Editor for Mundo Zero Productora. 2002 Junior Editor for Gravedad Zero, the most popular board sports television program, aired on ESPN. 2001 Image consultant for Cristóbal Colón, a very trendy clothes company in Argentina. 2000 I was selected as a V.J. for Mtv Latin America. 1999 World Music director at Tower Records Argentina. 1998–97 Clothes salesmen at Cristóbal Colón, an extreme sports clothing store (Argentina). 1996 Three months internship at Klein & Franco, a lawyer’s buffet in Buenos Aires.