Wissam Daibess


As a Visual Communication designer, my career started at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) Beirut - Lebanon, where after four years, I held a Bachelor degree of Arts and Design. Everysince, I was involved and committed in many projects, marked by the variety of its types, where I grasped the opportunities to work along with professionals on conceptualising and designing concepts products and services. Self development was the key to evovle, packed with the needed knowledge, knowhow, background and experiences, therefore, I stepped into managing projects and teams, focusing on concept creation, visual identities design and advertising campaigns for local and international brands and agencies. In order to implement those competencies, I got into publishing and writing articles in one of the most prestigious business and communication magazines on both personal level and international collaborations. Along with this growth, I was elected the design consultant in the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate executive council, where I was consulting and managing the syndicate practices. The success, efficiency, and the credibility I earned throughout my commitments, lead me to be elected the managing director of “Commune”, the ngo based in Lebanon which mission focus on implementing creative and sustainable strategies in both the public and the private sectors. After seven years, my experiences made my multi-disciplinary competencies gave me the opportunity of redirecting my choices for further growth and success, keeping in mind the needs and ambitions of pushing forward my career and my knowhow in multi-cultural and more complex markets.