Susan Apap


I enjoy networking and creating long standing business relationships where we help each other to become bigger and better. Learning, researching, failing, & succeeding have helped me to become an accomplished female entrepreneur, especially within the the field of sports and fitness. While I continue to concentrate more so in sports sales and business development opportunities, I am always open to learning about other industries. Working with GoGlobalEvents gave me invaluable insight into the different sides of the sports industry and my experience as the host of two sports shows was my first taste of sports media. I enjoyed the experience of being in front of the camera and so I created my sports site on Facebook & Twitter called TheSportsCrush. I take pride in being a female entrepreneur in the sports world, the experiences that I have been presented with and am very optimistic about what the future holds. I've opted to continue taking online courses to help qualify for more lucrative positions. While I appreciate that NYC has everything in the world to offer, I am looking to relocate, even internationally. Specialties: rugby 7's &15's, sports sales, hospitality, business development, management, networking. I would love to one day own my own sports team or company.