Aarun Varanasi


I have always held onto a saying my father told me before passing, "Creativity creates culture". It wasn't until college where I learned what he meant by it. I have always had my hand in some creative form, whether it be a traveling up and down the coast of California for a Surf documentary, spending weeks in Tokyo identifying trends, and apparel designs, to trying to start my own clothing label at the age of 17 (its coming together). I've always been a self-starter, a hard working individual with a creative mindset. I've always found it easy to tackle obstacles from various other angles, thinking outside the box. My goals in life are to help start, or be part of a creative company that values creativity, community, collaboration, and culture. I also hope to travel the world more, specifically opening brand locations all over the world (Australia, Japan, UK, ect.). I also want to explore the world through my DSLR, and film cameras, photography is my escape, and who wouldn't want to practice what they love?