Leon Szeto


I am a hardworking individual who is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow. Currently, I am looking for a position that will utilize my past work experiences in customer service and communications as well as my degree in business administration and marketing. I would love to put my skills of qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation to use in better improving a business. I love to look through data and analyze the results, turning the information gathered into methods used to further the success of a company. In my past two jobs, I worked in customer service where I gained an immense amount of knowledge on how to communicate and interact with others. I have experience with data sheets in which I kept track of all orders and invoices for the company. I was able to use this information to make knowledgeable decisions on what items and quantity to order per month. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a focus in Marketing from the University of California, Riverside I have a great amount of relevant coursework that will help me excel. These courses include Marketing and Distribution Management, Supply Chain Management, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Pricing Strategy and Management, Decision Analysis and Management, Electronic Marketing, Marketing Institutions, Marketing Research, Practical Business Forecasting, and Database Marketing. As a recent graduate, I am fueled with passion and drive to achieve personal and company goals. I am hungry to learn and work with others to reach the top of my respected field. My biggest strength will be my determination and dedication in doing the best I possibly can for an organization.