Lillian Vinn


I just completed my degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing. During my time in school I gained experience Marketing Research, participated in a Marketing Competition, added Personal Selling classes to my normal course work and completed various business projects, both individual and with a group, and presentations. My professional summary includes serving as Head Page for the American Osteopathic Association which gave me experience as a liaison between different levels of an association, and taught me how to be a good leader. I have also completed a Business Rotation Internship for a small,yet quickly growing medical company. This allowed me to learn how to adapt quickly and become familiar with the different levels of small business while giving me a background with patient and customer relations by confirming appointments / deal closings. This internship was what led my passion for business administration. I have a background in volunteer work with DO Care International, which I participated in the summer of 2013. This allowed me to serve as a Medical Volunteer Assistant, giving me good exposure to a fast paced and high pressure environment and experience with customer care and service, while assisting the Doctors. My Volunteer also includes my participation in Champions Are Readers (CAR) where I was a student tutor at the Boys and Girls club, which was a lesson in patience and persistence. During the summer of 2014 I studied abroad in Florence, Italy at Florence University of the Arts. While Studying abroad, I learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone and how to handle a 'sink or swim' situation in a new and unfamiliar foreign culture. At the school I complete two courses: Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandise and Display with Event Planning. These classes taught me about the extent of high fashion marketing, while giving me exposure to global businesses. My capstone project for the Visual Merchandising course was to plan, organize, promote a re-launch party for a local clothes boutique in the city. My professional goal is to gain as much professional experience as possible. I am interested in all areas of business including marketing, sales, communications, public relations and brand representation. I hope to obtain a position where I can learn with room for growth, while making a unique and substantial contribution to the company.