Rebecca McKinney


Results oriented Product Manager, leading cross functional teams to bring profitable products to market and grow brand awareness. I've built up an incredibly well rounded shop of product management tools with my succession of product development jobs : Levi Strauss & Co, in Quality Assurance and then Design; Designer at Williams-Sonoma; Designer-Builder for my own business, Raw Material; Lecturer at Stanford for Product Design Division; product and line leadership as a Senior Product Manager at Restoration Hardware, and I've pulled all together with my most recent amazing foray into the world of start-ups at Sabi, developing a profitable brand, with 3 product lines, from the ground up. As Senior Product Manager, now Director of Products at Sabi, I work directly with the CEO to drive every aspect of product strategy, development, management, and profitability for commercialization to grow the brand. Along with those "big picture" goals, being at a start up also means I need to be highly adaptable and capable of any task, big or small, that comes my way. I might be working on a presentation to give at a conference, conducting user research in the field, hammering through materials decisions with engineers and designers, fine tuning a point of sale design with the graphics team, making sure a UPC code meets international requirements, or updating my latest spreadsheet . It's varied, fast paced, and lends itself to many eye-opening, knowledge-buliding and adrenaline-generating moments!