Teezal Gaji


Dedicated high performer with an exceptionally positive attitude and the ability to work with a multitude of personalities and adapt to all kinds of working environments. Has experience working within a multidisciplinary team for demanding high profile clients at these advertising agencies that get results: • Red Noses selling out at Walgreens for the first Red Nose Day in United States • Positive brand lifts and high brand recognition during the following: o Walgreens’ Vitamin Angels Campaign o Walgreens’ yearlong Over-The-Counter sales Campaigns o Walgreens’ introduction as the first Red Nose Day Exclusive Retailer Campaign • Highlander’s Muppet Vine winning Best Vine Content Of The Week for January 29, 2014 during pre-Super Bowl 2014 • Increase of Toyota’s 4Runner Facebook audience by 50% throughout the 4Runner ‘Keep It Wild’ Campaign, as well as an overall positive lift in brand perception during this time