Angela Rivera


I'm Angela (aka Ang or Angie) Rivera, a graphic designer, illustrator and kustom-lowbrow art & craft nerd based in Huntington Beach, California. I'm very versatile with my mediums and hands-on with my creations, but my main weapons of choice; would be a pencil and my computer. I love to create detailed illustrations and designs that are genuine and true to my off-beat, quirky, slightly darker aesthetic. With an educated background in Fine Arts, Photography and Graphic Design, my skills range from digital to traditional illustration, print design and apparel design. I’m inspired by the Surf/skate, Vintage Tiki Culture, Tattoo art and Enthusiast, Music(Rockabilly, Punk, Rock, Indie, Surf...etc.), Low Brow and Kustom/Hot Rod Kulture. I took a little bit of time in between Steady Clothing and my current position at Aaron Brothers, to experiment with my own brand and home decor and skate goods, known by the name of The Anchored Rose. It is my passion and dream to have a successful brand that expresses my own creativity, but I feel that I would love to gain more experiance, connections and knowledge of the design field and surf/skate industries. I love to work with like-minded people and am currently available for commissioned work, so feel free get in touch: Email: [email protected]