Lisa Lombardi

Lisa Lombardi


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A few key facts about myself:

1. I give a %&$# about an Oxford comma, and will never forgive Vampire Weekend for that one.

2. The written word is my favorite form of communication, but I'll gladly face my fear of talking on the phone to chat about writing opportunities and projects (or, better yet, let's meet up. Much like the Sistine Chapel, I'm better in person).

3. I grew up thinking "travel" was synonymous with "driving ten hours to mom-mom and pop-pop's house," but internships at National Geographic Traveler and Outside magazines sparked a passion for exploring and the outdoors that continues today.

4. I once spent nearly four months driving a loop around the United States to help make up for that woeful lack of travel experience.

5. My time working in the customer service industry provided me with essential insight into what kind of information consumers want to know before making an online purchase, and how to write accordingly. (It also granted me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to answer phones while wearing a gorilla suit.)

6. When I'm not writing product descriptions and marketing copy or dreaming about trips, I'm planning my next home improvement project or obsessively reading interior design blogs.

7. I love to write and want to improve my skill every. single. day.